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Nineteenth-century Victorian culture stressed the frailty of women and prioritized the status of women in the home, and Berenson expressed concern about the women suffering from "nervous fatigue" if games were too strenuous for them. There is something about the sport that thrills and excites its viewers. When basketball was first created , there were unlimited players allowed on the court and present day there are only five players per team allowed on the court. To be able to know your rules it allows you to know your boundaries on what can you do and what you cannot do. I got out of the car and grabbed my backpack and basketball shoes. The inequity in fan support also appears in collegiate athletics. The first intercollegiate women's game was on 4 April Professionals like Stephen Curry and Lisa Leslie took several years to master the sport.

Now every few years there is a new and improved model. The women who could play were forced to compete under rules that limited their ability to run the entire court.

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From what is now a popular sport worldwide started off with an interesting history, but the roots of basketball was full of individual challenges, each making the sport difficult to retain a public Is Basketball A State Basketball Game? The ball was moved from section to section by passing or dribbling, and players were limited to three dribbles and could only hold the ball for three seconds.

Womens basketball essay

The inequity in fan support also appears in collegiate athletics. The male athlete represents the pinnacle of masculinity: active, fit, muscular, competitive, a champion.

We drove past tattered football field with rusty field goal posts and into the parking lot of the worn out High Point High School.

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The clock sends off a high-pitched shout. It may even be a good thing. I enjoy playing football, basketball, and baseball. The game continues to evolve for women. Many children participate in the sports every year. This study explores the importance of employee benefits to corporations, government agencies and non profit organizations. Many things changed when they transitioned into the new system of basketball Variations of Berenson's rules spread across the country via YMCAs and women's colleges, where educated middle-class women were following the prevailing trend in men's games of playing intercollegiate sports.

First year WNBA players make a minimum of 35, dollars per season, while rookie NBA players make a minimum ofdollars per season womensbasketballonline. With nothing but a few active college students, a soccer ball, two peach baskets as goals, and thirteen rules to govern thus giving birth to basketball.

My desire and love to win games comes from the more apparent hatred of losing them.

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The circumference of the women's basketball is one inch 2. Fast forward to the early twenty-first century. In various sports women have had to prove their athletic skill and passion for their sport in order to be perceived as legitimate and even in pursuit of that legitimacy, women flounder among a sea of male athletes Messner, For much of the early 20th century, other coaches and administrators felt similarly, due in part to an increasing sentiment that men's college sports were becoming too commercialized and exploitive of the athletes. Basketball was created in by a man named James Naismith. An interest in how your favorite activity or hobby came about. It challenges endurance, speed, accuracy, agility, and strength.
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