Understanding the ebola virus

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Most of them Keywords: Ebola virus disease, healthcare practitioners, Pakistan 1. Supportive care involves either oral or intravenous rehydration and electrolyte management; while symptomatic care involves the use of drugs to reduce vomiting and diarrhea, along with medication to treat fever and pain [ 32 — 34 ].

There is no evidence that Ebola is contagious during the incubation period, while infected individuals are still asymptomatic [ 25 ].

A more recent study by Carroll et al. Published online Jun They estimated the date of the most recent common ancestor of the sampled viruses to be between December 12th, and February 18th,which is supported by epidemiological evidence that places the index case in late December [ 15 ].

Sincethere has been a total ofsuspected and laboratory confirmed cases of EHF reported in West Africa, making this part of the world persistently exposed to the disease [ 6 ]. Healthcare workers are especially at risk for exposure to Ebola because they are more likely to come into contact with contaminated bodily fluids [ 22 ].

It was descriptive and exploratory in nature and took place over a period of 4 months, i. They point out that evolutionary rates in RNA viruses can be strongly time-dependent, with higher rates observed over short time spans than long ones [ 16 ].

Bats both efficiently replicate the virus and survive infection, which made them standout as candidate reservoirs [ 4 ].

Understanding the ebola virus

Sealfon, et al. Genetic analysis of strains from the — West African Ebola epidemic have been hindered, in part, due to the limited understanding of the biology of this virus and further exacerbated by delays in sample export, bad record keeping, and a small number of trained specialists [ 10 , 11 ]. Daddario DiCaprio, Howard A. Demographic Information: Out of respondents, A review of relevant literature by Thorsen et al. Brown, David A. Published online Jun The virus was first discovered in when two unrelated Ebola hemorrhagic fever EHF outbreaks occurred in northern Zaire Yambuku and southern Sudan [ 5 ].

Although two types of transmission animal-to-human and human-to-human have been observed, nosocomial transmission has played a key role in the spread of Ebola.

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Understanding Ebola Virus Disease