Stylistic analysis of robert frost

Frost himself warned "You have to be careful of that one; it's a tricky poem — very tricky". It is possible that some aspect of the poem may be remained unfolded. Then he says that the both roads are equally worn and travelled. According to Leech and Short stylistics is the linguistic study of style, is rarely undertaken for its own sake, simply as an exercise in describing what use is made of language. And miles to go before I sleep. Visual imagery is shown through "gathered snow", "dark woods", "snow may heap", "four feet deep", "houses with a church" in poem lines 2, 3, 14, 15 and Various parts of speech are incorporated for semantic and syntactical purposes. He took to agricultural activities as a vocation. The poem is not so much about making a decision but about the art of indecision. It revolves around the main theme of making choice in the life. Both of them increase readers' impression of the tranquility and beauty of the woods. Although the poem is clearly symbolic in nature, lines are mostly short and easy to understand due to the simple words. Dual characteristic of nature is found in Frost's poetry. Leech and Short is of the view that the word style has an uncontroversial meaning.

Example: line The woods are lovely, dark and deep, 2. He is fed up with the routine duties, and wants to rest forever.

Stylistic analysis of robert frost

Syntax means sentence construction, how words combine together to make phrases and sentences. This work depicts his maturity. This kind of continuity also demonstrates that his thought has not been diverted. Leech and Short is of the view that the word style has an uncontroversial meaning. Metaphor:…Following are the different metaphors which are used by the poet in this poem to make the thoughts more effective and expressive It is upon the writer that how he makes his text understandable that the meanings are conveyed. They correspond to the sensory feelings of the author as well as the readers, and therefore create vividness. Decision Making Process: The line "Somewhere ages and ages hence" symbolizes that the problem to decide the right path not only difficult for present time but it will also be difficult for future generations. As we know that a road cannot have a desire to want wear. The main aim of this level is to study and analyze the words, internal structure of sentences and their formation. The nature of this study is qualitative-quantitative since the data consisting of the four poems of Robert Frost in his third volume: Mountain Interval are in the form of words and numbers or statistics. The poet has used punctuations marks like comma, semi colon and full stop and mostly they are present at the end of the lines to give pause or end the sentence. This fits the definition of antithesis. The first line of last stanza is in the future tense. This finds out the relation between meanings and interpretations and structural elements of the text.

It is also very difficult to know the exact context and factors that affect the thoughts of the poet at the time of poem creation. Taking the grammatical structures into our consideration when analyzing poem, has revealed that the linguistic features of a poem have something to do with the meaning of the poem itself.

Whether right or wrong, the choice will have had a significant impact on his life. Man power is limited he cannot understand mysterious nature. Download kB Abstract This study is conducted to reveal the stylistic devices that are used by Robert Frost in his poems which were written in his third volume: Mountain Interval Widdowson defines stylistics the study of literary discourse from a linguistic orientation which differs stylistics from the literary criticism and considers linguistics as its linking technique.

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Metaphor It is the comparison of two different things. Robert Frost www.

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Moreover the selection of road in life to lead life is not the problem of the poet alone; everybody has to go in this process in his life that how they want to lead their lives.

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