Medicare fraud essay

As a result, over the last two decades, several legislations have been enacted to assist the Office of Inspector General OIG to investigate and prosecute offenders that have committed fraudulent billings against the taxpayer funded insurance system HIPAA states that healthcare fraud and abuse is a federal criminal offense that can have significant penalties attached to it.

These increases have caused the federal government to acquire billions in debt Medicare and Medicaid Expansion words - 7 pages expenses.

In Chicago, seven individuals were charged, including two doctors, with a variety of health care fraud schemes. The purpose was to provide healthcare to individuals the age of 65 or older or individuals under the age of 65 diagnosed with specific medical conditions Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, As someone who has been on Medicaid, and having to jump through so many hoop because of the fraud and abuse of the system, I know just how much of a hassle this can be.

Medicare fraud essay

As a result, over the last two decades, several legislations have been enacted to Fraud and Abuse in the Healthcare System words - 4 pages Healthcare services have been on the rise for over 10 years now. Administrative costs for Part C totaled 1. Detecting fraud and abuse is one of the benefits of the use of data mining. With the creation of HEAT, the battle against the healthcare fraud especially against Medicare and Medicaid fraud became a cabinet-level priority. Connect with Us. Under these programs, there are a lot of different sectors where fraud can occur — from falsifying ambulance costs, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, hospice or long-term care, and more. This once unimaginable scene is very close to becoming a reality in just a few years time, an atrocity attributable to the high volume of abusers of the government-assistance programs. Essay Topic: Health , Health care Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Federal and State Statutes variety of both federal and state statutes address Medicare and Medicaid fraud, providing prosecutors with many options, and correspondingly subject health care providers to many different types of liability. Additionally, over President Lyndon B. Despite this recovery, cracks began to appear with criticisms and allegations of Medicare fraud and suboptimal care. D

This paper will focus on different types of fraud. However, the majority of this population do not have any way of paying for healthcare, and soon, neither will the government.

Department of Justice. The SEC charged the company with fraudulently overstating income. The Medicaid fraud in Florida indicated that there were too few procedures to find out if those who sign up as providers are legitimate, and the state paid claims quickly before verifying them.

In current events, hospitals all over the United States are being prosecuted for committing fraud and for false billing. Unfortunately, these criminals rob the Medicare and Medicaid programs of high volumes of funds.

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Firstly, given that the government is the principal payer of health care, it is obviously concerned about how that money is spent.

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Healthcare Fraud